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Truck driver shortage leading to increase in shipping costs

There is a good chance the next thing you buy, came to the store on a truck. The cost of that item could keep going up as companies find themselves having to pay higher shipping costs. The reason? Not enough truckers to make the deliveries. Trucking is a vital link in the supply chain. When

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The Truck Driver Shortage Can Be Solved By Paying Drivers For All The Work They Do

How should drivers be paid?  When it comes to long haul shipments, drivers are paid mainly based on the distance they travel. Should drivers be paid instead based on the hours a trip takes to complete? There are good arguments that can be made for this. The Driver Shortage It is widely acknowledged that there

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Bill Targets Driver Shortage With Age-Restriction Reduction

In an attempt to close a truck driver shortage cited by industry insiders, Ninth District Rep. Trey Hollingsworth is co-sponsoring a bill that would lower the age when commercial motor vehicle drivers are able to travel across state lines from 21 to 18. Hollingsworth said at a June 4 news conference that the idea for

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