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We are pleased to have our revised website up and running. It has been months in development while our staff worked with members of Town Square Interactive on its redesign and functions. Our intent is to provide you with basic information about AFB, Inc. along with the tools to use the site to your best advantage. Our shipper/receiver clients are able to log onto the site via password for in-transit progress reports as well as specific billing information. Our carrier clients are able to log onto the site via password to gain access to our Available Loads screen. Carriers are able to check payment status on loads they have hauled for us. Shippers, receivers and carriers can check our current credit score via the link to TransCredit. Other useful links such as repair services, road and weather conditions, and mileage, etc. appear on the Links page as well. There is also a Careers page with an employment application for prospective applicants. The various pages provide more information and links to specific functions.

We have been contacting customers and carriers with specific information on how to get their password(s) and how to use the password protected functions of the new Associated Freight Brokers, Inc. website. You may contact us to expedite the process. We look forward to providing you with more and better information as we implement these new services to you.

Randall Ward, President

Our Continuous Run Policy Protects Everyone

AFB, Inc.’s policy is to always require carriers to set their refrigeration units to continuous run while under freight for our shipper/receiver clients. The reasons are basic, but necessary to protect the cold chain and make good arrival at destination. Produce, unlike frozen foods, does not tolerate variations in temperature. Properly chilled produce at loading requires a constant flow of chilled air be maintained while in transit. Transporting produce with a unit set to Cycle Sentry stop/start does not maintain a constant flow of chilled air and the effects can be catastrophic to certain items. The temperature variations can be upwards of 10 degrees which will knock some items out of grade. The result is a rejection to the carrier. When a rejection occurs, the receiver does not have merchandise to sell and the carrier has a distressed load to salvage and both parties lose money.

AFB, Inc.’s continuous run policy minimizes the chances of a bad arrival due to out-of-grade temperatures. If the carrier has done their job and maintained constant temperature via the correct temperature setting, then problems at delivery are limited to physical damage, if any. Continuous run is considered a proactive practice in the prevention of claims to carriers.

Randall Ward, President

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